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The bellicon is amazing!
Cindy Savino 15.09.2018
The Bellicon is amazing! It is made of quality materials and is also so much fun! I can't keep my family off of it! This makes exercising so much more fun. Don't hesitate to get this. We love it! ...
So quiet. So sturdy. And SO FUN.
Jacqueline Giambrone 15.09.2018
This is not your kids squeaky wobbly trampoline! The quality of this rebounder is unparalleled. So quiet. So sturdy. And SO FUN. You don't even realize you are doing something amazing for your body! I recommend Bellicon to everyone who will listen. ...
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Love the bellicon!
R. Kadat 23.04.2017

I love this rebounder. It has been really fun. Amazingly good quality. Nice looking colors (orange bungies w/black mat and gray-ish stripe). I have really enjoyed the home workout subscription they provide as part of this purchase--they are fun and offer so many different ideas as to what can be done with exercise--like stretching and yoga-type moves relaxing wake up workouts to more hard-core to agility to cardio---lots of variety and the trainers are inspiring. I put this in my living room and it's helped my inactive tween get more active--something desperately needed, and the T bar is nice for him as he likes the added stability. And this has been something fun and new for my home gym and has added to the variety of workouts I can do each day as well as just sneak in extra activity during down times. The bellicon is easy to put together and very quiet (I can bounce while on work conference calls and nobody can hear me!). Highly recommended.

– R. Kadat

It's absolutely brilliant
AD 30.12.2015

I research the hell out of things I buy, and that's anything I buy. I spent an entire week researching "rebounders" I watched the official videos made by Bellicon, and I watched and read reviews by people who already owned one. I also watched comparison videos of the competitors, I think no one else should bother making a rebounder and no one should buy anything but a Bellicon. When I ordered one, it was after my research ...

When I received it, I realized it was worth every single cent I paid for it. This is without a doubt the FERRARI OF REBOUNDERS. The build quality is unlike any other rebounder, the attention to detail creates perfection. I bought the classic 44" one with folding legs. I have owned a treadmill, a stationary bike and I wish I had bought one of these ten years ago. Don't bother buying any other rebounder this is as close to silent jumping as you will find. I have my Bellicon right in-front of my desk, I have only had it for a couple of weeks and I started a minute at a time, I'm at 5 mins now and I already feel better.

Finally everyone I spoke with in their sales department was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Their videos are all the instruction you will need to learn how to use it. This is the best purchase I have made in 2015.

This is the exercise for me!
Lori 23.09.2015

I cant believe the great workout the bellicon Rebounder gives you! I saw results in two weeks just bouncing 20 minutes 5 days a week. I lost more inches in three months than I ever did using the machines at the gym. Its a total body workout! I suffered from Plantar Fasciitis and Achilles Tendonitis that has practically disappeared due to the great workout video from Kimberly and Katherine Corp and Fayth Caruso. Available on the bellicon website. The beginner video was perfect for someone that is out of shape and overweight. They give you safety instructions and show you how to use the rebounder properly. You also get email tips and updates from the company. It's a lot of fun and I actually look forward to coming home and exercise. I've never been able to say that before. The product is of high quality. Well worth the money. I highly recommend this product.

BIG Difference
Nicky 28.08.2015

I have been using a no-name rebounder, and was doing just an ok job, or so I thought. The bounce was leaving, and it was frustrating! I decided to get a bellicon, and was so happy when it arrived. Easy set up, and I went right to work on it! WOW! WOW! What a difference! My workouts were better, but more important the quality and feel on the bounce of the bellicon is incredible! I was able to incorporate the routines from the CD that was with my bellicon. My workout skyrocketed. I work out three times a day for 20 minutes and I sweat more then when I was in a gym for hours. I feel better and my body is really getting toned. I am telling the world about your product, and I even have my husband using it! This is a superior product, well worth the money and so glad I got it! Thanks so much! Nichole

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Great product, great customer service.
Patricia 28.05.2015

I was hesitant to spend so much on this product, but when my 49" bellicon Premium arrived, I saw the quality and felt the quiet sturdiness of this wonderful rebounder.

I had some questions and found customer service went above and beyond my expectations. I had first used a rebounder in an athletic club but when the class was cancelled I really missed it. I felt rebounding was a good bone and muscle strengthener without the jarring impact on my joints. PLUS it is a fun/weightless way to workout. I had used a good quality spring-type rebounder in my fitness class. While researching which brand to buy, I came across bellicon and learned of the bungees instead of the metal springs. It made perfect sense. I did a lot of research and read a lot of reviews and ended up pushing the "BUY" button on the bellicon web site.

Yes, it certainly IS more expensive, but I felt it was a one-time purchase and my health was worth it. After using it I felt like I got what I paid for and I did not feel i wasted a penny. BTW, the fold-up legs are completely sturdy and very convenient.

My Second bellicon Rebounder!
Tee 28.05.2015

This is my second bellicon rebounder. The first one was a discontinued model that I purchased in 2010. Loved it tremendously. I let my sister borrow it recently. Since she convinced me that she is and will continue using it, I went ahead and let her keep it. After exploring the updated rebounder market, I purchased the more expensive bellicon yet again. And I am glad I did!

What I love - the same great quality, ability to customize, folding legs, the fun factor from both its looks and incredible bounce. Now, this thing seems very pricey - but when you consider the cost of gym equipment in general, in pieces, in sets, or as a large equipment purchase, and the fact that this piece of equipment can get a lot of the same results as these other options (muscle and bone strengthening, lymphatic system support, cardiovascular benefits, balance and coordination, customizable workouts, etc..) and its low impact to joints, the price is not out of line at all.

This (and a new juicer) is the absolute best purchase I have made in 2015 and try to convince others to do the same. You will not regret the purchase.

Best of the Best
Mountain Girl 12.02.2015

I wish it didn't cost as much so that all of my friends could buy one. That being said, the quality is exceptional. I have had a rebounder for many years. It is the typical $50. kind. Sure you can bounce on it, but it is hard on the body. The Bellicon gives a long smooth bounce that is hard to imagine without trying one.

I watched a ton of online video reviews before purchasing mine. I could tell from the videos this was the best. Another thing that the videos showed was how quiet it is. Absolutely silent. You really can bounce while watching TV with others in the room, you can bounce while others are sleeping, etc. That is a wonderful thing.

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The very best rebounder money can buy!
Katmomma3 27.01.2015

You know you got your monies worth and then some when the cost doesn't matter. That is what bellicon delivered. I have a Jumpsport, a Cellerciser, a Needak and then a bellicon. The bellicon is the best and the one I recommend to my friends not on a tight budget. The quality is top notch. When using it I feel that this is what every rebounder should feel like. bellicon lives up to its reputation without a doubt.