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Satisfying product, excellent service
Ken 18.09.2018
Very satisfied with the experience. Bought a refurbished and it works as advertised. Excellent service during the order process. Delivery time was acceptable and it arrived undamaged. Would definitely recommend to a friend. ...
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My 2nd Bellicon
Joyce 16.09.2018
I have both the larger (premium) Bellicon and just purchased the smallest one. I would recommend only buying a Bellicon rebounder (and not any other brand). I've had no issues. They are quiet. The different band tensions are fantastic (I have used Strong and Extra Strong, but prefer the Strong for the softer bounce). They have wonderful customer service if you have a question or just aren't ...
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Love my Bellicon and the Company!
Tiffany 11.01.2016

My Bellicon arrived in days and it was ready to go right out of the box (I bought the attached legs so I just had to turn them up) It is really fun and the videos on be360 and youtube are great to follow. I like that just a few minutes of jumping improves your day. I had several questions and the "Chat" support is 5 star! They quickly helped me out and took care of everything. I have never rebounded before and was not sure what type of rebounder to get. With the great customer support and the product exceeding my expectations I am so happy I went with the Bellicon.

One Year Later - Still Love
Rainy1 08.01.2016

I purchased a 44" Bellicon over a year ago. It sits in my room. I haven't been the best about maintaining a great schedule with it, so I am excited to use BE360. I like the videos and think that my workout is more fun with the addition of this service.

PM 01.01.2016

I love my Bellicon, ordered another, smaller one this time. Building up endurance, no weight loss, actually gained. Feeling so much better. Big frustrations both times with FedEx. To the point of almost NOT ordering from Bellicon the 2nd time.

I rate the product high but issues with shipping and Bellicon costumer service.

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It was well worth the cost.
JPG 30.12.2015

In the past we had gotten trampolines for our son and they all broke - the legs would break off or the connections to the springs would break. After several disappointing results we decide to spend serious money and get what has been described as the best, for indoor use.

It is everything we could have hoped for - wonderful to look at (it is in our living room - our son likes to use it while watching television or not). He is 11 years old and though tall and slender we were advised to get the Strong bungee cord because the customer service agent stated that children tend to bounce harder. He was so right. I am so glad we went with your product. We are completely happy. Thank you

Lauren at Bellicon customer service was AMAZING
Theresa 07.09.2015

I wanted to share that I had taken my Bellicon with me traveling by plane across country to see my parents a couple of months ago. I was charged an exorbitant price for oversized baggage, which took me by surprise, and I later complained to JetBlue and then sent a message to Bellicon customer about the situation, as I left the trampoline with my parents so as to avoid another $100 baggage fee.

Lauren at Bellicon customer service was AMAZING. She arranged for the Bellicon to be shipped via Fedex for $45 only requiring the trampoline be covered with bubble wrap and then the carrying case also covered with bubble wrap, but no box or anything other than the label.

We needed to send quite a few e-mails back and forth, I was so impressed with her patience and how expertly she handled everything. It's really nice to have a company offer such exemplary customer service - something you don't see very often. While I probably won't bring my trampoline with me next time around, it's so nice to have it back. I had to use my backup Jumpsport and the difference was excruciatingly obvious - it just doesn't even come close to my Bellicon.

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Great product, great customer service.
Patricia 28.05.2015

I was hesitant to spend so much on this product, but when my 49" bellicon Premium arrived, I saw the quality and felt the quiet sturdiness of this wonderful rebounder.

I had some questions and found customer service went above and beyond my expectations. I had first used a rebounder in an athletic club but when the class was cancelled I really missed it. I felt rebounding was a good bone and muscle strengthener without the jarring impact on my joints. PLUS it is a fun/weightless way to workout. I had used a good quality spring-type rebounder in my fitness class. While researching which brand to buy, I came across bellicon and learned of the bungees instead of the metal springs. It made perfect sense. I did a lot of research and read a lot of reviews and ended up pushing the "BUY" button on the bellicon web site.

Yes, it certainly IS more expensive, but I felt it was a one-time purchase and my health was worth it. After using it I felt like I got what I paid for and I did not feel i wasted a penny. BTW, the fold-up legs are completely sturdy and very convenient.

Love it.
Kelly 27.05.2015

Was apprehensive about spending the money, but now that I did I have no regrets. Except for wasting my money on a cheap one prior to buying the Bellicon.

If anyone is on the fence check out Rebounding fitbit fb page. Lots of great advice. Bellicon has great costumer service as well.

Fun for the kids
Melissa 28.04.2015

The trampoline itself seems to be great now that it is in working order, but I was very disappointed that the mat came to me broken in the first place.

Customer service was friendly and shipped a new mat quickly, but I think for the cost I should have been refunded some of my money--shipping at least.

The bungees were very difficult to replace (I had the x-strong) but may not be so bad for the lighter bungees. It seems to be a good purchase, just disappointed that it came to me broken right out of the box and that I had to pay full price anyways.

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