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Judith 27.07.2018
LOVE this rebounder. LOVE what it has done for me---not just the physical, but the emotional changes---this is a phenomenal 'MUST HAVE' in everyone's home. I have had more people at work ask me what I've done to lose weight, be toned, and I'm guessing they like my new attitude ! I'm standing taller now, and able to lift up my head and walk forward without self-consciousness --doing the Bellicon ...
Looking forward to rebounding daily
James 08.06.2017

I'm new, now one week into this and it's been incredible; I haven't even gone into the training videos yet, but I've been sleeping better and deeper, more daytime energy, better sense of overall well being, actually look forward to rebounding daily. Been just bouncing up and down, running in place and doing bouncing body weight squats and it's a rip on the heart rate. The time flies, esp with music, don't want to quit, and I can't say enough about the obvious quality of this product and customer service.

 – James

Fully satisfied
Tom 24.03.2015

I love this product.

I never imagined exercising could be so easy and enjoyable. I use my bellicon 15-20 minutes a day. I feel energized and sleep better. I originally considered purchasing a less expensive competitor brand and now glad I didn't. The bellicon is worth every penny.

I never do reviews on products I purchase but for this one I have to make an exception.

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