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Glad I bought it
Donna 12.05.2017

I have been rebounding off and on since the 1970's. My last purchase was a spring rebounder and I started noticing my back would hurt after I finished only 10 min. I'm getting older and realized it was probably too hard a bounce for me. So i started researching and found the bellicon and I love it. I can really feel the difference and love the bounce and the availability of the videos so I don't get bored. My core strength is improving so much I even hit a 200 yard drive at my age of 69; I've never done that before and the bellicon is the only thing I have been doing that is different. So glad I bought it and am enjoying it immensely.

– Donna

I work smarter not harder!
Tammy 23.03.2017

I would like to take the time to express my gratitude for bellicon. I have had extreme arthritis and was unable to exercise without pain. I purchased another brand with springs and it hurt me so bad I gave it away. I then called customer service for bellicon usa and was helped by someone who not only used one on a regular basis, but had the complete knowledge to help me with my order. When I received the bellicon, I was so excited that it was easy to use right away. When I started to use it I was only able to do it about 3 to 5 minutes at a time several times a day. I have Asthma and did not want to hurt myself. Within two months I was able to work up to thirty minutes at a time. After about a year and a half, I am able to rebound for 40 plus minutes at a time. I love the fact that I can work out without pain and get beautiful results in such a small window of time. I work smarter not harder!

– Tammy

Never going back to springs
Tonya 14.03.2017

I have been into health & fitness exercising since I was 12yrs of age. Learning a lot throughout 35yrs & owning all types of equipment, including the 323 Precor trainer gym - Nordic Track self propelled treadmill with the self propelled arms included & Ellipticals along with free weight training. I have now turned my routine over to using a trampoline. I’ve been using a Cellerciser spring design for quiet a while now. Wanting to find out more about whats out there I decided to do some further research & I found bellicon. After reading up on the benefits with the bungees versus the springs design & watching the video bellicon provided, I wanted one. So my fiancé ordered me the bellicon Premium stainless steel with the fold up legs & pink bungees as a surprise {-thanks baby-}. WoW!!! Words alone is hard to explain the difference in the bounce u have to feel it. NO strain on the joints What-So-Ever -NONE-.!. I have NEVER written a review before but this company deserves to be recognized for their AMAZING design & quality. Plus u get to customize the trampoline to your benefit & choose your own colors -Sweet!!!

P.S. Never going back to springs or owning another piece of equipment. bellicon & free weights for arm strengthening is all I’m going to need from here on

Thanks bellicon your AWESOME!!!

– Tonya