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Judith 27.07.2018
LOVE this rebounder. LOVE what it has done for me---not just the physical, but the emotional changes---this is a phenomenal 'MUST HAVE' in everyone's home. I have had more people at work ask me what I've done to lose weight, be toned, and I'm guessing they like my new attitude ! I'm standing taller now, and able to lift up my head and walk forward without self-consciousness --doing the Bellicon ...
Love my new rebounder
Applefirewalker 20.04.2016

I can't stop using it. It is addicting. I rebound for hours every single day. I'm seeing the weight just melt off. I wish I bought this years and years ago. Thanks Bellicon for such a wonderful product!

Dar 28.03.2016

Just had this 2 months. Using it 3-4 times a week. Also DOing the Trim Healthy Mama plan and have lost 15 pounds so far. I listen to a speaker most of the time bc I love to fill my mind with faith building topics at the same time as building my body. So through all these means together I am bettering my self and will hope you check back later for later progress

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rebounding fit at age 60
Pamela 30.01.2016

December 2010 at age 55, I weighed 185 pounds at 5'6" tall. My knees hurt and I was out of breath when climbing the stairs to my third floor office in my home. I had strength trained since 2008, decreasing my back pain by 90%, and my knee pain by 20%, but hadn't lost one pound and still out of breath. My husband said I needed to add more cardio to my strength training, but my knees hurt every time I attempted. April 2011, when browsing DVDs on Amazon, I discovered Urban Rebounding Extreme Training DVD's. I researched and read about the benefits of rebounding and that it is gentle on the joints. I ordered the DVDs and dragged out a mini tramp my husband bought years ago..

I immediately began to loose weight, ordered more rebounding DVDs and a quality spring based rebounder. I rebounded six days a week and incorporated my strength training with the soft weights as demonstrated in many of the videos. I began a calendar rotating videos to keep my workouts diverse and exciting. I look forward to knowing I've scheduled African dance rebounding, ballet rebounding, kickboxing, etc. It keeps things fresh and I know I've worked every body part over the course of a week.

By October 2011, I had lost 25 pound and felt I deserved the reward of the best rebounder for my 56th birthday. I ordered my Bellicon Classic and absolutely love the bounce and the ease on my joints. By Spring 2012, I lost an additional 15 pounds and my knee pain improved by 90%. I believe it was a combination of the weight loss and strengthening of my calf and thigh muscles.

Today, January 2016 at age 60, I have maintained my 40 pound weight loss and this week lost one more pound. I now weigh 144 pounds and have a BMI of 23.2 My knee may twinge once a month or so. When this happens, I put on a cloth knee brace while rebounding and I'm fine in a couple days. The best thing is I'm in the best shape of my life. I was thin up to age 40, but had a very weak core and aching back. I now easily climb the stairs from by basement to third floor, can deadlift 100 pounds (my doctor said to cut back to 40, I compromised to 60 pounds), and I can do some terribly awkward looking chin ups.

Rebounding changed the quality of my life. Staying fit is not a chore, it is a lifestyle and a healthy hobby. I always look forward to new rebounding DVDs and workout wear as rewards. I just ordered my third set of bungees from Bellicon and can't wait for my new Bellicon DVDs to arrive in the mail.


I love the quiet and smooth bounce action.
Kim 21.12.2015

Rebounding on my bellicon is incredibly fun. I love the quiet and smooth bounce action. I can't believe how toned I am getting in such a short time (less than 2 months of daily use). I'm losing weight without even trying and I feel so good physically as well as mentally, even after a short bounce session.

I'm so glad I decided to shell out the extra money for the best bouncer in the world.

I love my bellicon. I have lost weight and I am more fit
Mal 29.08.2015

Purchasing my bellicon has been the best thing I have done for myself. I have done 3 important things.
1. Improved my balance
2. Lost some weight
3. My body is in better shape

I'm so happy with the quality of my bellicon and I always look forward to getting on it. Thanks for a great product. 

Loving my bellicon
Lucy Rebounder 20.07.2015

It's been nearly 3 weeks since I started using my Bellicon 39" Classic. I can honestly say it is the best piece of home exercise equipment I've every used.

1) It's quiet (my neighbors in adjacent apartments can't hear me).
2) I can make it as easy or as challenging as I want.
3) When I come home after a stressful day, it only takes 10 minutes of walking/bouncing to change my mental/physical state -- great for me to do before sitting down to dinner.
4) I can see my legs toning up already.
5) It is a lot of fun, so I want to come back each day and do it again.

I am thrilled I can seeing results already and I have no doubt I will reach my long term fitness / weight loss goals.

The best
Patricia 23.11.2014

My bellicon replaced an older rebounder that I had purchased from Sears.

I did not use my old rebounder as it was just to stiff and made my knees turn inwards when I jumped. I absolutely love my new bellicon and have used it everyday since I purchased it. I purchased the wider model and am so glad that I paid a little extra because it is nice when doing jumping jacks etc to have the room.

It is so heavenly to jump on and it has been effortless to lose 5 pounds by just jumping :) and it's fun. The quality of this unit is fantastic and although it is more expensive than other brands I believe that it will last many years.

One final note is that I was suffering with mild depression and two weeks into using my rebounder I could notice an uplift in my mood and just a overall sense of well being that has lasted since. I am so happy with my bellicon and will be using it for the rest of my life :)

I have lost 10 pounds - that I have tried to lose for 17 years!!!
Judy 15.11.2014

Just wanted to let you know I have finally lost the "extra 5 pounds" - actually I have lost 10 pounds - that I have tried to lose for 17 years!!!

I've been using the Bellicon since end of July faithfully 3 to 4 days a week for 35 to 50 minute each time, wearing my heart rate monitor.

Thank you for a great product.

Quick results
Jan M. 20.10.2014

I have been totally inactive for 8 months due to a foot injury during a half marathon. I am able to use the Bellicon and it does not worsen my foot injury. At 57, my muscles had atrophied drastically and I had gained 10 pounds since the injury. I am amazed at how quickly my body started changing.

I started at 1 minute in the morning and 1 minute at night, increased to 2 minutes by the end of the first week. The second week, I progressed to 3 minutes and then 5 minutes. In the third week, I went to 7 and 10 minutes once a day. The muscles in my legs are back, I have calves and quads again! My ab area has trimmed down and the wings under my arms have stopped flapping (I hold 1 pound weights and do the exercises shown in the videos). I have only lost a couple pounds, but that is because I am adding muscles as I am losing fat. The quality of the frame, mat and bungies is great!

I could not be more happy with my Bellicon and will be recommending them to everyone I get the chance to tell.