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Best jump!!!
N Greville 15.09.2018
I love this trampoline. I’ve been working out more consistently and the workouts are a joy and efficient. Plus my kids (2.5, 5.5years) use it when they need to burn some energy or bedore school to get their bodies all ready.

Seriously, nice soft bounce (and that is with bungees that are stronger than recommended so I can do quick workout bounces) and it doesn’t make a peep. I am looking ...
Love love love!
Archervet 04.03.2017

If I could only have one piece of exercise equipment this would be it. I usually use it over an hour a day, often 30 min or so before work and 30-45 minutes after work. I am a workout nut with lots and lots of equipment (weights, barre etc etc) but have some blasted orthopedic issues in one foot and ankle that really tries its very best to put a hitch in my giddy up. I used to run daily and play soccer etc, but the @&$?!+*^# foot issue just makes that impossible now. This has given me back my cardio! I tried a cheaper rebounder first and I realized I really liked bouncing, but it was loud and it made my knees ache. This one is quiet and the knees are happy. I've tried them side by side and wow, this one is just waaaaay nicer. Kind of like going from a cheap, Walmart bike to a Cannondale. Using hand weights plus/minus weighted vest, my fitbit charge 2 and whatever music or workout videoI want, I can have a really fun and effective workout, while getting an idea of my heart rate and calorie burn. Bliss.


Look forward to working out
Michelle 02.03.2017

I just bought a bellicon a month ago. The first time in my life that I’m actually addicted to and look forward to working out. I first purchased a rebounder with springs, but it felt way too stiff. Did research on and purchased the beliicon...HUGE difference. The jumping is akin to gliding. I’m also glad that I chose the 44 inch...way more room to do the moves. Love it!

– Michelle

Feels so good!
Bounce Babe 14.07.2016

I have the Bellicon Premium 49". I love it. I am 51 years old and bought the Strong bungees as I am 120 pounds. The bounce feels so smooth and wonderful compared to my other cardio workouts! I got the folding legs too which are great for when I want to pull my Bellicon outside. Sometimes I do a longer bounce as my only workout, and then sometimes, I tack it onto one of my Cathe workouts. I rebound at least twice a day even if it is just two of the shorter 360 workouts. I LOVE the Bellicon 360 workouts (great variety on intensity and duration). Faythe and Jeremy are both great instructors and give good safety cues and reminders. It is nice that Bellicon gives you a free year of using those videos. I do wish the Bellicon came in a nice bright purple though. But I got the blue with the Blue/Green bungees and that was a nice combination. I'd highly recommend the Bellicon rebounder. BEST REBOUNDER OUT THERE!

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Jason 03.04.2016

I love my bellicon rebounder. It has really transformed my body and it is the best exercise equipment I have ever purchased. I use it everyday for about an hour and have even ditched my gym membership! I have developed my own workout routine on the rebounder. I bounce for 30 minutes and jog for another 30 minutes.. During the session I do a total of 100 push ups. I absolutely love my bellicon and its rewards are are amazing, both physically and mentally.

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Flying High.
Bruce 17.03.2016

I've been a gym rat most of my adult life but lately the equipment and atmosphere don't feel so healthy. Been getting injured on the machines and don't like waiting for people to vacate the station I need so I heard about the Bellicon from a friend and took the plunge.

What a fantastic feeling to be on the bellicon...It's like a mercedes compared to other mini trampolines. Quiet and sexy..the way I like it. 20 minutes feels like all I need per day and it's fun. My cancelled gym membership pays for it nicely. I use the Bellicon 360 videos to get ideas for my workouts.

Tags: health, workout
Probably should have ordered bar. I am stillthinking about it. I enjoy using it but it is a little high for me to get off of. ( I am short).
Pamr 24.02.2016

I have stuck with this for 10 days now and cannot wait to get home from work and put on my fave music and bounce. Planning on hitting my ideal weight in no time flat.

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This is the best rebounding in the market.
Luz 18.02.2016

bought my bellicon in December.

I wanted to make sure before I submitted my review, but let mi says that I am so very happy that I did purchase. It was expensive but it's worth every penny. I have had two difference brand and it is like night and day like Summer and Winter.

I bounce 5 to 6 days. It is effortless and at the same time my clothes are dropping.

Thank you Bellicon for the good work.

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Changing my life!
Pamela Ahart-Stewart 12.02.2016

Hello! I'm look to send in another testimony in a month or so. I got a Bellicon for Christmas 2015. I got so busy and most of January just ended up being a rough month so I didn't get a chance to use it much. For the last two weeks, I've been bouncing 20-40 minutes a day and I feel like a brand new woman. I was a former Zumba instructor and ended up having ankle and knee issues as a result. I needed to find something that was going to make me just as happy and I did! I starting to see and feel the difference of a good vigorous Bellicon workout. I'm seriously looking to be a Bellicon instructor. Thank you!

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Love it!
Ellen 11.02.2016

I love my Bellicon Classic. It's quick, fun and easy to get a good workout in anytime.

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