For the thrill of what rebounding was meant to be, use a bellicon®

Dr. Doug Graham, Chiropractor and Advisor of World-Class Athletes and Trainers
Photo of Dr. Doug Graham

“My first time on a rebound surface was in 1959. I fell in love with the experience, and took every opportunity to bounce ever since. In high school I took up the sport of gymnastics just because it meant that I could get onto a trampoline every now and then.

After college, I taught trampoline and coached a trampoline team for five years, using every type of rebounder in existence to perform acrobatic skills. I have even built a few rebounders in my time. I worked my way through medical school selling rebounders, doing mall shows where I would bounce on the rebounder all day long while talking to people about the benefits of rebound exercise.

I have taught countless rebounder classes to large groups of people. Strength exercises, cardio fitness, neurological development, plyometrics, and many other facets of fitness can be developed on a rebounder. I have used a rebounder with every professional athlete that I have ever coached, from every sport. Over the last fifty-five years, I have tried a lot of different types of rebounders.

In my experience, bellicon® rebounders stand so far above the competition that they truly stand alone. Every aspect of the bellicon® rebounder is tops in its field. From design, quality, craftsmanship, durability, service, and of course, functionality, bellicon® is the best. I am proud to use bellicon® rebounders, and recommend them proudly to anyone who actually intends to use their rebounder. For the thrill of what rebounding was meant to be, use a bellicon®.”

Dr. Doug Grahem

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