Turbocharger for the the lymphatic system

Dr. Donald Liebell, chiropractor and anti aging expert

“Your body has a built-in disease-fighting cleaning system. Did you know that you have a system of vessels that carries away and filters out poisons and waste products throughout your entire body? It’s called lymphatic system. And the lymphatic system is a vast network of vessels and duct to lymph nodes and other structures that interact with every organ and tissue of your body. It is the body’s system that is responsible for immune function fighting disease. 

This system is dedicated to the circulation and production of your body’s disease fighting «superstars»: the white blood cells. And the lymphatic system is also the garbage collector of your body:  it sucks out all the junk from your organs and tissues. It helps to keep you healthy and it fights the nasty effects of aging too. 

If your lymph is not flowing well throughout your body the fluid becomes toxic and your body gets bogged down by its own waste products.  Now here’s the secret: your lymphatic vessels need your help to move the lymphatic fluid throughout your body. That is because your lymphatic system does not have an automatic pump. Unlike your cardiovascular system which has your heart to do the job, proper lymphatic flow requires body movement and specifically contraction of skeletal muscles. There are little lymphatic valves which contract and relax during muscular movement but not just any movement will get the job done effectively. 

All you have to do to turbocharge the lymphatic pump is bouncing up and down gently

So here is where rebounding exercise comes into the picture. The gentle up-and-down motion of rebounding exercises causes these valves to open and close to stimulate the lymphatic system. All you have to do to turbocharge the lymphatic pump is bouncing up and down gently without even leaving your feet from the jumping mat. In rebounding jargon we call this the «Health Bounce».

It doesn’t get any easier than this, there is no skill required you don’t need to jump you can even be unfit, elderly, ill or handicapped and you can still perform the «Health Bounce» with ease and comfort. So go ahead and pump up your lymphatic system today by rebounding. ”

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