Smart Fitness

Abitare 18.05.2017
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Out of the fusion between technology, the digital world, the culture of design and sports science are emerging different methods of training and sophisticated means of monitoring and improving performance

The convenient habit of training at home was inaugurated in the 1980s when courses of aerobics on VHS went on sale at news stands. Today bellicon, a German company specializing in home fitness, has come up with a system that connects a mini trampoline to a tablet. The elastic mat of the rebounder is patented and is connected with a polyamide and fiberglass hooks to the circular frame, which is fitted with an adjustable, dual-function T-bar.

This rigid accessory provides a hold for the user, who is thus able to carry out the exercises without losing balance, but above all provides a support for a tablet on which to watch a video tutorial for training.

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