Workouts in the Great Indoors

Amy McBean 14.02.2018
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They encourage rebounding out of doors, weather permitting – But to be sure, experts at bellicon know indoor training. They offer a 100+ selection of rebounding workouts online – for which you will need, of course, a mini trampoline.

My bellicon® Plus (44”) was easy to assemble, had a black-finished frame and fold-up legs (that felt very secure when locked in place), and a T-bar (a tall hand grip) with an add-on tablet holder. Frames are made of high-grade, high-gauge steel with “precision welding that only engineers, professional mechanics and techno-geeks can truly appreciate.”

Kind of like acquiring sea legs, bouncing gave me bellicon legs – I mean that in a good way. I began with the 3-day Focus and Coordination workout led by bellicon Netherlands CEO Remy Draaijer. I found I almost had no choice but to keep an aligned posture while bouncing. I followed his mind-body observations, found the poses and reach with my limbs. I was pretty sure this was what the guy from Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man drawing would feel.

Balance and coordination are only two of the benefits of rebounding. bellicon shared a sports studies finding that mini-trampoline exercise not only “burned fat 50% faster than running,” but it “increased cardiovascular fitness more than twice as fast.”

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