Rebound workouts: How to exercise on a trampoline

John Hines 19.06.2021
In June, 2020, Mercey Livingston introduced the CNET readership to some of the remarkable fitness and health benefits of rebounding exercise. Her article touches on rebounding's full-body muscular engagement, its cardiovascular benefits, and how it accelerates lymphatic circulation, important for a healthy immune system.

Livingston also shares her experience of attending a rebounding class, addressing the common misconception that rebounding isn't a good choice for people who want a more intensive cardio workout. She writes, "While you may think trampoline workouts sound like a joke, they are actually seriously popular, especially in cities like NYC and Los Angeles, where people line up to take trampoline cardio classes at studios like Body By Simone, LEKFit and The Ness. I've been to several trampoline workout classes IRL, and they were some of the most challenging classes I've ever tried."

Another interesting observation in the article comes from Collette Dong, co-founder of The Ness, a fitness studio in New York City, who says, "The biggest thing you want to remember is to bounce down into the trampoline. Everyone tries to jump up like they would on a recreational trampoline, but the key to all the good work is in the down motion."

Collette Dong's comment about the importance of bouncing deeply into the mat is absolutely correct and something that the bellicon rebounder is designed for. Twenty-five years ago, bellicon pioneered bungee-based rebounders and its unique, patented suspension system continues to be provide a deeper, smoother, more enjoyable, more efficient bounce than any other brand.

You can read the full CNET article here:

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