Your Fitness: The Exciting Thing I'm Doing for Exercise These Days

Glamour 28.10.2012
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Lovely readers, I can't wait to tell you about my new fitness obsession! I'm (literally) bouncing off the walls about it...

Gals, I have fallen in love with rebounding (that's the fancy, fitnessy name for what's otherwise known as jumping on a mini-trampoline). I became sold on the idea after reading a book by Natalia Rose, a natural health guru and nutritionist, and I finally splurged on one of my very own. My new bellicon® rebounder came in the mail the other day (it's consistently rated as the top rebounder by the media, and is a Maxim magazine fave), and I have to say, this is the coolest workout ever. Ever.

I'm really glad I took the plunge

Natalia Rose has written that no other form of exercise keeps her as svelte and lean, and I can see why. This is a workout! You'd imagine that bouncing wouldn't provide much action for your muscles, but I promise, it does. A day later, I'm sore (especially in my core!). I plan to get up every day and spend at least 15 minutes on my rebounder (it collapses to store nicely under my bed). I also love how quiet it is! Because bellicon uses bungee cords rather than metal springs, there's zero noise associated with most trampolines. No, they're not cheap (and I had to convince my husband that I really, really needed this fitness splurge), but in the end, I'm really glad I took the plunge.

I'm hooked! And, I'll be circling back here soon to give you reports on my rebounding progress, including some workouts you can do on your own tramp.

Have you ever tried rebounding?

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