Jumping On A Trampoline Might Be The Best Workout Yet

John Hines 21.06.2021

The Kit, a Canadian newspaper that reports on trends in fashion, health, and beauty, reported on the health and fitness benefits of rebounding, including some insightful interviews with people who have spent years both practicing and teaching rebounding exercise.

The author of the article, Katherine Lalancette, reports that, "The benefits of rebounding have been shown to be manyfold, engaging the core, legs, gluteus and back muscles, as well as the upper body if you incorporate arm movements. It’s considered especially effective for stimulating lymph flow, helping the body rid itself of toxins and even boosting immunity."

She also states that, "An hour-long class can burn up to 1,000 calories," which would seem like a enormous overstatement if several research studies hadn't shown that rebounding is a much more efficient cardiovascular exercise than running or using a stationary bike. They even quote from the original NASA article that launched public awareness of rebounding's benefits:

"It also makes you break a serious sweat. A 1980 NASA study published in the Journal of Applied Physiology found that 'for similar levels of heart rate and oxygen consumption, the magnitude of the bio mechanical stimuli is greater with jumping on a trampoline than with running.'"

The article continues by saying that, "unlike running, it’s zero-impact, making it gentle on the joints and safe for people of all ages."

Here's the link to the full article: https://thekit.ca/beauty/mini-trampoline-workout/

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