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The Daily Telegraph Magazine, Page 19 17.12.2016
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Lisa Armstrong, Fashion Director of «The Daily Telegraph», wrote about her personal experiences with the bellicon® trampoline:

Why trampolining will get you in shape without any post-workout ache

Running is weird. Boring and intimidating to begin with, it gets into your bones. Literally. It really isn’t that good for a lot of us. Terrible for the facial muscles, too, apparently. Imagine what it might do to your boobs.

Not my problem any more, because after a long bout of back and leg pain, an injection-wielding surgeon ordered me to desist. But oh, those morning endorphins. What to replace running with became a preoccupation. Every time I overdid it on a static bike or in a faddy class, my body made me aware of its displeasure. Some days I dreaded getting up.

And before you say Pilates – yes, love it. But I needed something to really get the lymph flowing; give me the whoosh of a run. I took up walking. Sometimes eight miles a day. I listened to so many In Our Time podcasts my head swam. Then my knees began to hurt. Talk about intimations of mortality.

Self-pity rising, I found myself unburdening to Stephanie Moore, the nutritional therapist at Grayshott spa and herself a compulsive runner, who recommended a mini trampoline I was as sceptical as you probably are now. I bought a rebounder years ago and used it twice. Uncomfortable, dreary, it had no upsides, unless you count pathetic bounces.

Moore had other ideas: a Rolls-Royce of a rebounder, built by a German company called Bellicon to your specifications. You decide the tension you want, tell them your weight and height, choose the colours of the bungees… It’s nearly as much fun as buying a handbag. Two months in, I’m up to about 25 minutes every other day. I face a (wide-open) window on to my garden. It’s almost like being outside, but unlike the resistance you feel when your foot hits tarmac, the sensation you get with bouncing is elongating and opening. You feel your core strengthening, your pelvic floor tightening; you start to bounce with weights. Between this, yoga, TRX suspension training and Pilates, I’ve ditched the painkillers and moved on from podcasts to pounding music.

I’ve found my new high.“

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