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Bounce your way to better health
The Chronicle Herald, Cynthia McMurray 01.01.2018
When you think of cardio exercises, the usuals come to mind — running, cycling, spinning. But one of the best overall cardio workouts is actually rebounding. And now people in Dartmouth can give this unique, low-impact, aerobic exercise a test drive. Cheryl Denman, owner and fitness coach at Costafit Rebounding, wants people to come experience the countless benefits of this highly effective workout. “It is so restorative to the body. I have had people come to me worried that they will be really sore after a workout, but this is different. They come back and say they don’t feel anything apart from feeling fantastic, rejuvenated and energized,” she says.
No Springs Attached
Maxim 21.07.2011
This always puts a spring in our step. A new trampoline uses bungee cords for a perfect bounce. Springs? Springs?!? We don’t need no stinkin’ springs! The bellicon® trampoline cans the classic coils in favor of elastic bungee bands that offer a gentler recoil. The result is a softer, more pillowy bounce that coddles your joints as you hop through long workouts and short show-off sessions. Bouncing on metal springs can sound like a rowdy time at a cheap motel, but his tramp’s mouse-quiet bungees won’t give neighbors the wrong idea – or out-decibel your TV.
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