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What's all the fuss about... bellicon® trampolines
The Daily Telegraph Magazine, Page 19 17.12.2016
“I found myself unburdening to Stephanie Moore, the nutritional therapist at Grayshott spa and herself a compulsive runner, who recommended a mini trampoline. A Rolls-Royce of a rebounder, built by a German company called bellicon to your specifications. Two months in, I’m up to about 25 minutes every other day. I face a (wide-open) window on to my garden. It’s almost like being outside, but unlike the resistance you feel when your foot hits tarmac, the sensation you get with bouncing is elongating and opening. You feel your core strengthening, your pelvic floor tightening. Between this, yoga, TRX suspension training and Pilates, I’ve ditched the painkillers and moved on from podcasts to pounding music. I’ve found my new high.“
bellicon® Rebounder Review
Meredith Fire-Hess on Fire Wire blog 05.11.2011
What I really appreciated upon assembling the 6 legs was the attention to detail and fine craftsmanship. The screwing leg mounts were solid and deep, lined up easily and screwed into the frame effortlessly. The bellicon® sits noticeably higher than traditional rebounders (approx 13” versus 9”), but this additional height coupled with the highly elastic bungee bands, makes for a dynamic jumping experience, where you are able to get more air and the brief experience of weightlessness. One of the very best benefits of the bungee design is that not only does it allow for a cushioned smooth jump which is kind to your joints, best of all it is silent, not a squeak to be heard. This is the one piece of equipment in my house that is guaranteed to be used daily.
Mama Natural's bellicon® review
Mama Natural 25.10.2011
“Mike got me a premium rebounder for Christmas, which I enjoyed but frankly it was LOUD. With my son Griffin being a “sensitive” sleeper, I wasn’t using it much. Well, that’s before the bellicon® rebounder entered my world… Whoa! What a difference! This thing is the Porsche of all rebounders. Not only is the bounce smooth, gentle and effective, it’s QUIET. In comparison to my premium rebounder, let alone the cheapie varieties, the bellicon® is like… - Sleeping on 1000 thread count sheets versus 100 - Driving a BMV versus a golf cart - Drinking apricot nectar versus pickle juice (try it and you’ll see what I mean). ”
Review: bellicon® Mini Trampoline
Wired 19.10.2011
So when I learned out about the bellicon® Mini Trampoline, I was intrigued. Bouncing on a trampoline to work out? Heck yes. And it doesn’t have any springs: It eschews metal coils and instead uses individual super-elastic bungee cables to attach the trampoline platform to its frame. The result is a pleasant, cushioned bounce that provides a surprising amount of air time. It’s fun, and if you actually take the time to use it regularly, you can work up a sweat and tone some muscles in the process. Overall, the bellicon® is a good at-home exercise option if you’re looking for something relatively low impact that won’t hog up half your living room space.
Why Choose a bellicon® Rebounder
HubPages 08.07.2011
When bouncing on a rebounder you are exercising all the cells in your body at the same time. As you resist gravity when bouncing you are also exerting a gentle amount of force to your whole body. A major hazard faced by people exercising whether running or doing a team sport is skeletal shock. However, the benefits of reducing the amount of skeletal shock placed on the body is pretty much lost if you chose to use a cheap rebounder. So if you do not want to end up ruining your first experience of this very enjoyable and effective kind of exercise it is worth spending a little more initially and purchase a good quality rebounder.