Supercharge Your Game Console Workout!


If you use a Wii FIT, Xbox Kinect, Playstation Move or PlayStation Switch for exercise, adding a bellicon will make your workouts a lot more effective.

“Exergaming,” or using game console programs for exercise, is a fun and convenient way to approach fitness, but studies have shown that it tends to fall short of providing the same level of physical activity as traditional exercise. Fortunately, researchers have discovered a simple solution for boosting the benefits of virtual training sessions from mediocre to awesome: adding a mini-trampoline.

A recent study, published in the December issue of Biology of Sport, was conducted by a group of Brazilian researchers who wanted to know what would happen if people using a popular jogging app for the Nintendo Wii, called “Free Run,” were to jog on a mini-trampoline instead of the floor, as they normally would. The results showed that using a mini-trampoline dramatically increased all three of the fitness markers they measured: VO2max (oxygen consumption), HRmax (peak exercise heart rate), and MET (metabolic energy expended). The workout, performed on the floor, only produced a “moderate” level of physical activity, which is equivalent to brisk walking, but when performed on a mini-trampoline produced a “vigorous” intensity level, just like basketball, soccer, swimming laps and other forms of exercise that really gets you into shape.

The study goes on to explain why a mini-trampoline is so effective, “the efficacy of MT [mini-trampoline exercise] in positively affecting quality of life, as well as cardiovascular and metabolic responses, is based on its capability to simultaneously combine balance and strength training, stabilization of the body, physical fitness, and muscle coordinated responses.” In other words, a mini-trampoline engages your body is so many ways, that it even transforms stationary jogging into an intensive, full-body workout.

Of course, this doesn’t come as a surprise to the folks at bellicon, which has been producing the world’s premiere rebounder for over twenty years; custom-assembling every order to ensure that our customers get not only the best possible mini-trampoline, but also the best workout experience they’ve ever had. To put this in game console terms:

Wii Fit you perfectly and Kinect you to fitness so you won’t want to Switch back and PlayStation-ary games anymore!

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