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If Rebounding Is Better Than Classic Exercises, Why Hasn't Everyone Heard Of It?
John Hines 09.07.2021
In the last few years, rebounding exercise's popularity has grown enormously, with millions of people worldwide now enjoying it as their "go to" workout. The research community has also rediscovered rebounding, publishing research at an unprecedented rate about its remarkable health and fitness benefits. So, why are so many people still unaware of this extraordinary exercise? It's a good question, and it's not absolutely clear why that is, but here are a few possible explanations.
Exercise makes people happier than money, study shows
John Hines 01.07.2021
An extensive research study, published by The Lancet in September of 2018 (1) and involving 1.2 million Americans, showed that people who exercise regularly have significantly fewer "bad self-reported mental health days" in the year than people who don't. In other words, people who exercise are happier. And they found this to be universally true, regardless of age, gender, and just about every other factor, including income bracket. The study showed that you'd have to earn an additional $25,000 a year or more to get the same mental health boost that regular exercise provides.
Simply Life-Changing
John Hines 23.06.2021
Rebounding is a unique form of exercise that uses the muscular engagement and gravitational changes produced by bouncing to provide an unmatched full-body workout. Why is bouncing so effective? Because our bodies thrive on the kind of gravitational changes it produces. And not just for fitness but also for the multitude of systems in our bodies that maintain our health.
WOMEN'S RUNNING MAGAZINE: bellicon "makes you a better runner"!
John Hines 13.07.2020
Last week, and article published in the online version of Women's Running magazine raved about all that the bellicon could do for runners who are sidelined at home.
Allergies, Exercise, and Mini-trampolines
John Hines 25.10.2019
The best way to stay fit during allergy season may be to turn that run into a jump.
New research confirms it: bouncing builds bones!
John Hines 23.08.2019
A new, 8-week research study shows that trampoline exercise increases bone strength along with fitness.
A new, 8-week study confirms that trampoline exercise is very effective for increasing bone strength while improving fitness.
John Hines 15.08.2019
Research confirms that mini-trampoline exercise offers truly extraordinary cardiovascular benefits.
Supercharge Your Game Console Workout!
“Exergaming,” or using game console programs for exercise, is a fun and convenient way to approach fitness, but studies have shown that it tends to fall short of providing the same level of physical activity as traditional exercise. Fortunately, researchers have discovered a simple solution for boosting the benefits of virtual training sessions from mediocre to awesome: adding a mini-trampoline.
John Hines 29.05.2019
When people first learn about rebounding exercise, they often encounter a very long, very diverse, very impressive list of benefits that, for many people, piques their interest, but for others, like me, it makes them extremely skeptical. How is it possible that such a childishly simple exercise like bouncing can do all of that? The answer is simple: gravity.
The Frustrations of a bellicon Researcher, or How Rebounding Made Me Lose My Hair
John Hines 03.05.2019
For the last few years, I’ve written a number of articles for the bellicon website, most of which were about current research related to health, fitness and rebounding exercise. Over the next few months, I’ll be doing this more frequently, with topics ranging from detoxification to osteoporosis to workplace fitness. As much as I hope that you’ll find these articles informative and thought-provoking, I should warn you that the more you learn about rebounding exercise, and the more you share what you’ve learned, the more you’ll feel like you’ve taken crazy pills.