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WOMEN'S RUNNING MAGAZINE: bellicon "makes you a better runner"!
John Hines 13.07.2020
Last week, and article published in the online version of Women's Running magazine raved about all that the bellicon could do for runners who are sidelined at home.
Allergies, Exercise, and Mini-trampolines
John Hines 25.10.2019
The best way to stay fit during allergy season may be to turn that run into a jump.
New research confirms it: bouncing builds bones!
John Hines 23.08.2019
A new, 8-week research study shows that trampoline exercise increases bone strength along with fitness.
A new, 8-week study confirms that trampoline exercise is very effective for increasing bone strength while improving fitness.
John Hines 15.08.2019
Research confirms that mini-trampoline exercise offers truly extraordinary cardiovascular benefits.
Supercharge Your Game Console Workout!
“Exergaming,” or using game console programs for exercise, is a fun and convenient way to approach fitness, but studies have shown that it tends to fall short of providing the same level of physical activity as traditional exercise. Fortunately, researchers have discovered a simple solution for boosting the benefits of virtual training sessions from mediocre to awesome: adding a mini-trampoline.
John Hines 29.05.2019
When people first learn about rebounding exercise, they often encounter a very long, very diverse, very impressive list of benefits that, for many people, piques their interest, but for others, like me, it makes them extremely skeptical. How is it possible that such a childishly simple exercise like bouncing can do all of that? The answer is simple: gravity.
The Frustrations of a bellicon Researcher, or How Rebounding Made Me Lose My Hair
John Hines 03.05.2019
For the last few years, I’ve written a number of articles for the bellicon website, most of which were about current research related to health, fitness and rebounding exercise. Over the next few months, I’ll be doing this more frequently, with topics ranging from detoxification to osteoporosis to workplace fitness. As much as I hope that you’ll find these articles informative and thought-provoking, I should warn you that the more you learn about rebounding exercise, and the more you share what you’ve learned, the more you’ll feel like you’ve taken crazy pills. 
The bellicon® Comfort Mat: enhanced form and function
We’re pleased to introduce the new, bellicon® Comfort Mat, designed to enhance the style and performance of any bellicon® mini-trampoline. Sleek design, greater versatility Our new Comfort Mat has a streamlined new look and an integrated, cushioned extension that allows for even greater freedom of movement.
The American Chiropractic Association endorses the bellicon
We are pleased to announce that the bellicon fitness trampoline has just received the endorsement of the American Chiropractic Association (ACA), becoming the first fitness device of any kind to receive this recognition.
57 Years Old, 100lbs Down | How Rebounding Gave This Woman Her Life Back
First For Women Magazine 01.06.2018
In 10 months, Heidi lost 100lbs by using her bellicon 7 times a week and changing her diet. She went to her annual check-up and showed her doctor her logged blood pressure from two weeks prior – her blood pressure had dropped significantly. Her doctor was amazed. On that same day, he took Heidi off of the 2 different types of blood pressure medicine that she had been taking for almost an entire decade.