5 tips to a never boring weight loss routine


For some losing weight is a real "workout": a change in food habits, sometime limiting the choice of what you can eat, making it quite boring. Let alone if you also have to stick to a pre-determined exercise routine! Too much, and failure is around the corner.

Have you ever thought there are simple, everyday gestures which can positively contribute to your daily required workout, without having to repeat a series of exercises over and over? Well, here are 5 "move" tips of what you can do which won't have major impact on your daily life but which will have definitely an impact on your body.
1) walk around your home, office, yard, neighborhood while on the phone
2) when waiting for a train or a flight, walk around the station or the airport
3) keep a small glass of water nearby instead of a big water bottle: you'll have to stand up and walk to refill it often.
4) chop fresh vegetables instead of buying already minced frozen ones: good exercise of your arms
5) try Fayth's weight loss video #2. A new, fun, rebounding routine that will focus on cardio to use up some calories, and on strength to tone up those loose muscles. Rebound yourself to a healthier you!

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