A magical night under the stars


Rebounding on a bellicon in the open air is fantastic: you feel even more energized by that fresh air and sunshine.

But when you bring the bellicon under the stars (…and fireworks), the vibes get higher and it is true magic.

This was exactly what over 600 yoga and rebounder fans experienced on June 29 at Navy Pier in Chicago.

As proud sponsor of VibeUp summer series in Chicago, bellicon displayed 18 mini-trampolines on Navy Pier’s roof top, a wonderful location right on Lake Michigan where people could capture the magnificent view of Chicago skyline and enjoy the “Wednesday Fireworks”, a signature of Navy Pier and the city.

bellicon Academy master trainers Fayth, Tara and Tiziana along with newly certified trainers Tracy, Selina and Dan, assisted all people wanting to have a rebounding experience, …and we had so many of them having fun and showing off a smile for each and every of their healthy bounces.

While the sky was getting darker and the first stars started appearing, over 30 people participated to our play sesh: the “plank challenge” performed on the bellicon. What makes this a real challenge is...this is a “bouncing” plank!

Nevertheless, we were all amazed by the strength and endurance of our competitors: have you ever lasted more than 3 minutes in a plank? Let alone the fact that the bouncing requires even more engagement of your core and arms? Well, apparently these were no issue at all for our competitors and in the end we had not one but three winners: they all lasted 10 minutes! We rewarded each of them with a 5 class pack at the newly opened bellicon Studio in Chicago.

A spectacular night, a great event!

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