A real bellicon Pro joins from the Netherlands

Remy Draaijer

Remy Draaijer from the Netherlands joined bellicon Home and put together a great video workout at the coast line of Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Many of you may know him from other video workouts he did in the past. This one is about our posture and feet position.

Did you know that feet contain more than 50 bones, one-fourth of all the bones in the body?
And, did you know they make room for more than 60 joints and 200 muscles, tendons and ligaments?
It is therefore not surprising many problems might affect your feet! We put a lot of wear and tear on them: simply walking around on an average day pounds them with hundred tons of force.

When it comes to working out on a bellicon, feet are of extreme importance: they hold our posture on the mini-trampoline, and align all our body for more effective exercise.

Follow Remy’s video to learn the correct foot position on the bellicon and try out some exercises optimizing balance and relaxation on your feet!

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