Be prepared for the Marathon!


Chicago and New York host two of the best American Marathons. Because the courses take place in the Fall, this gives runners a chance to prepare outdoors during the summertime. It can’t hurt to mention that prepping for a 26K in these two cities is one of the most inspiring things – beautiful architecture surrounding you while you train, what more could you want!?

The book “Smart Marathon Training” recommends limiting running to only 3x per week and adding cross-training to build the endurance required to finish a Marathon. Reason being: the way your muscles contract during time spent running results in greater micro-trauma in muscle tissue than any other workout.

So, what is cross-training? Cross-training involves other forms of exercise in place of only running. These exercises are known to raise your heart rate and work the cardiovascular system just as effectively, without putting as much impact on certain muscles and joints.

Rebounding on a bellicon is the perfect type of cross-training. You can achieve high intensity interval training with a wide variety of cardio exercises while being gentle on your joints, but still being able to pump up your heart rate. Plus, it's backed up by science!

In one of the first studies published by NASA on the benefits of rebounding, remarkable research proved that rebounding was even BETTER of an exercise than running/jogging as it allows you to reach target heart rates while maximizing oxygen consumption all the while with greater use of musculature.

Our Master Trainer, Fayth Caruso has been working with Emily to create the BEST cross-training workout for her to prep for the Chicago Marathon using the bellicon mini-trampoline. You can follow Emily’s training for the Chicago Marathon by working out with her on our bellicon Home video workout platform.

In this first video, you learn Emily’s touching story that motivated her first marathon this October. In this second video, Fayth & Emily share a few new exercises that you can try on your bellicon rebounder to teach you how to utilize it for cross-training.

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