Bliss Body New Orleans: where rebounding is a bliss!

Last month our bellicon Academy master trainer Fayth headed to New Orleans to certify all the instructors of the well renowned local studio Bliss Body.

Sandra Miller is the owner of Bliss Body and we love the way she describes the benefits offered by her studio “…a sacred refuge for tired bodies, worn out minds, broken hearts and lost souls. Our wellness rituals (yoga, meditation, pilates, barre, facials, and therapeutic massage) restore all to wholeness by connecting to the infinite source of bliss within each and every one of us”.

Bliss Body offers also stretchology - assisted stretching performed by a specialized stretchologist for an enhanced stretch reducing tightness, tension, and pain, improving motor control resulting in better balance and mobility – and recently added bellicon training to their class schedule.

Sandra tells us she saw a bellicon Facebook post last year showing exercising on the bellicon under some disco lights. She thought it looked energizing and fun and started researching the bellicon products: it did not take her long to realize bellicon training was what she needed in her studio too. Bliss Body is now equipped with bellicon 54” jumping fitness: this latest bellicon model has an integrated locking slot for the included T-bar, and its large, 54” hexagonal frame is stackable, making it perfect for gyms and fitness studios. 

Sandra describes the bellicon Academy training as “SPECTACULAR!! All of our instructors were so jazzed after learning all of the health benefits from the bellicon. On top, Fayth was thorough but not boring at all: she is so knowledgeable, personable, energetic, down to earth. We all clicked with her immediately!”

Although Fayth recommended to start teaching classes a few weeks after taking the training course, to be able to sink in all the new learning, Bliss Body instructors were so pumped and ready to go after her excellent training, that they started the very next week.

And as Sandra says “our clients LOVE the bellicon. Many are overweight, have balance issues, even vertigo but feel surprisingly safe on the bellicon. bellicon training classes are absolutely a necessary benefit!”

And here is proof of how rebounding can be real bliss!

Thanks Bliss Body and thanks Sandra!

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