Carefully choose your “accountabilibuddy”

Tiziana Castiglioni

Many people struggle to stay motivated when starting a new habit.

We recently read a very interesting blog post suggesting each of us should find an “accountabilibuddy”, and we wondered…what would this be?

The post reported that change happens especially in dedicated communities like AA, the Marine Corps, book clubs and gym buddies, where people come together in order to support and keep each other accountable to a new, higher standard.

Hence, the “accountabilibuddy” is a buddy of your choice who will keep you accountable for reaching your goals.  But the post also told us that many people are hesitant to reach out to other people to find the help they need.

Following this stream of thoughts, here at bellicon we believe we have found a solution to help us achieve our fitness goals.

What if a buddy wasn’t necessarily a person? What if our “accountabilibuddy” was our best bellicon mini-trampoline?

Getting bored by the same-old-same exercise routine is one of the main reasons people lose motivation. But each workout on the bellicon is a new and different experience: in particular, the joy and fun coming from the bouncing help us increase our vitality level, make the workout pleasant, and ensure we continue to exercise, reaching all our health and fitness goals.

Bounce soft, feel good with your bellicon – your personal accountabilibuddy.

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