More Comfort and Training Area

Die Komfort-Matte in den acht Farben

The comfort mat has arrived and, with its padded extension and attractive design, offers not only additional training area, but also an extra dose of comfort.

Comfort meets quality
The new comfort mat has been enhanced by an innovative padding that increases the training area drastically. The soft padded edge of the mat makes training on the bellicon® more comfortable than ever before.

With the same frame diameter, bellicon® now offers a 30% larger training surface and thus expands on the already enormous range of exercise options. Made In Germany ensures the same exceptional quality that you’re accustomed to with bellicon®. Beginning February 2019, the comfort mat with be available for all bellicon models (Classic, Plus & Premium) in all sizes (39”, 44” & 49”). Compared with the classic mat, the training surface with the comfort mat increases 5.5” for all model sizes.

The amount of bungees for the different sized models hasn’t changed with the comfort mat. A 39” bellicon still requires a set of 30 bungees. The set of bungees for 44” bellicon still contains 36 bungees and the 49” bellicon remains at 42 bungees. Accordingly, the same bungees can be used for both the classic mat and the comfort mat. The skirt along the outside of the mat is available in eight different colors, and not only improves upon the visual design of the bellicon, but also assists you in landing on the mat while jumping.

Make yourself comfortable with the new and improved bellicon comfort mat

Das bellicon Logo aufgedruckt auf der Komfortmatte
Eine seitliche Ansicht auf den bunten Farbstreifen der Komfortmatte
Die Komfortmatte in schwarz und orange von oben
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