The bellicon® Comfort Mat: enhanced form and function

Die Komfort-Matte in den acht Farben

We’re pleased to introduce the new, bellicon® Comfort Mat, designed to enhance the style and performance of any bellicon® mini-trampoline.


Our new Comfort Mat has a streamlined new look and an integrated, cushioned extension that allows for even more freedom of movement. By adding a foot-friendly, padded skirt above the bellicon’s suspension, our new mat design provides comfort and stability when bouncing beyond the main jumping surface or while performing exercises that involve sitting or lying on the mat.


The Comfort Mat is available for frame sizes 39”, 44” and 49”, and in the same, full range of color choices as our Standard Mat.

As with all of our mats, the Comfort Mat is constructed with Permatron® fabric for exceptional quality, performance and durability. Permatron® is a hypoallergenic, carbon-infused polypropylene that has a very high tensile strength, excellent UV protection, and resists water, mold, and the harshest environmental conditions. The fabric fibers are thermally interlocked to provide a smoother, firmer jumping surface that flexes without stretching, making your bounces more stable as well as gentler on your joints. 

To learn more about the new Comfort Mat, or to place your order, click here.

Das bellicon Logo aufgedruckt auf der Komfortmatte
Eine seitliche Ansicht auf den bunten Farbstreifen der Komfortmatte
Die Komfortmatte in schwarz und orange von oben
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