Do not let that cheat day ruin your efforts!


Losing weight requires strong and strict rules and behavior, and it can become exhausting and boring. Which can easily lead to what you would call “your day of reward”, a day you feel like you need a break from the stringent and regulated diet.

But, is this really going to be a reward for your efforts or instead, is it going to be just a backfire to all the good you so far achieved?
That day of cheat might actually lead to binging and consuming too many calories, undoing all the progress you made.

If you cannot do without the “cheat day”, make sure you keep portions and calories in check or otherwise, reward yourself with something different, something not related to food. How about a new bellicon workout with Fayth and Paige!

Since it is your “cheat day” we are keeping it short but still effective, high intensity but no overwork: a circuit training that engages all your body…with those wonderful planks which will tone up all your muscles!
Do not cheat it, bounce it!

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