57 Years Old, 100lbs Down | How Rebounding Gave This Woman Her Life Back

First For Women Magazine 01.06.2018
Sarah Rosner (Trainer) & Jane Monzures of Living Healthy Chicago taking a bellicon Class at bellicon Studio

In 2016, Heidi was desperate to find the best workout routine for her. She had gained 100 lbs, her blood pressure was through the roof and she was beginning to feel so insecure about her body that she became introverted and did everything she could to isolate herself from those around her.

After watching the local news when a fitness studio was featured with rebounding classes, Heidi had a lightbulb moment: her aunt had a rebounder and she remembers her using it into her 90s. Heidi immediately started researching.

"I knew in that moment that rebounding was what I needed to do. It wouldn’t be a drag to exercise and I could do it in the privacy of my home, free from the prying eyes of neighbors.”

While researching the best rebounder brands, Heidi stumbled across the bellicon. It was low-impact because it was bungee-based – completely safe for her back pain and plantar fasciitis, it was completely customizable – fun colors made the equipment that much more enjoyable, and it was durable/completely covered under a lifetime warranty – no nerves to be had about bottoming out or being too heavy for it, the bungee strength she selected supported her and made her feel secure.

"In my first rebounding session I was jumping up and down, doing jumping jacks and twists – and amazingly, there was no back or foot pain because the bellicon took all the pressure off my joints.”

In 10 months, Heidi lost 100 lbs by using her bellicon 7 times a week and changing her diet. She went to her annual check-up and showed her doctor her logged blood pressure from two weeks prior – her blood pressure had dropped significantly. Her doctor was amazed. On that same day, he took Heidi off of the 2 different types of blood pressure medicine that she had been taking for almost an entire decade.

“It’s been 2 years and I feel like my true self again. My stress and migraines went away. I sleep better. My back and foot pain vanished. I used to have nosebleeds from my high blood pressure, but those are gone too.”

Heidi’s story was featured in First For Women Magazine (June, 2018).

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