Introducing the bellicon Move class


bellicon Move is one of the flagship rebounding classes created by the bellicon Academy.

It is a comprehensive, restorative, low-impact, total body exercise, perfect for people of any age and fitness level.

bellicon Move offers specific benefits, like:

  • balance, or the capabilities of walking and standing securely and preventing falls. Training balance on the bellicon is particularly effective thanks to the pliable mat which requires constant adaptation, focus and coordination.
  • gentle strengthening of the joint, no pressure load on the ankle, knee and hip joints while rebounding. A lower impact thanks to the soft bounce.
  • muscle development, with the continuous gravitational changes all muscles are engaged involuntarily, especially the deep muscles.
  • lymphatic system cleansing, as rebounding activates the muscle pumps and starts the transport of lymph. New oxygen is brought to the lymph nodes and toxins are removed.

bellicon Move is ideal on bellicon trampolines with soft bungees. Mostly performed in a close chain bounce, with feet never lifting from the mat, bellicon Move produces a soft bounce enhancing posture and core muscles engagement.

Follow Fayth’s 30 minute bellicon Move class and enjoy a rejuvenating workout!

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