Learning the "fat"


When thinking of losing weight our immediate reaction is to cut down on fat.
Well, considering that with 9 calorie-per-gram fat is the most calorie-dense of all micronutrients, the choice is pretty reasonable, but…do not discount fat completely.
In fact fat plays important roles in our body functions, and here are some of them:

  • Fat can be like a little cushion for cells and organs, protecting them from invaders or impact
  • 60% of brain is fat and we need certain fat to keep brain healthy
  • Fat is like fuel that our body burns for energy
  • Fat will make us feel fuller, hence reducing some of our calorie intake

Always remember to pair all our food intake with the appropriate exercise too. After the first two videos of more intense cardio to lose weight, check out the new video from Fayth and Paige with focus on recovery time.
30 minute exercise based on close chain bouncing for a nice cardio workout, and stretching, to make sure that also the more tender muscles stay in shape!

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