New upper body exercise with Remy


Strengthening your upper body, especially the shoulders and back, will give you the solid posture important for aesthetic appeal and to prevent back pain even when you're not working out. Sure enough strong arms and shoulders can also give athletes like runners an essential boost of speed, and a solid upper body can help them maintain balance. Exercising the upper half will get that agility and final burst of swiftness when approaching the finish line.

But even if you are not a competitive athlete, here are 3 good reasons to exercise your arms:

  • Carrying groceries will be much easier
    No kidding: everyday task like carrying shopping bags, moving furniture, lifting babies, storing suitcases in the overhead compartment will be a breeze instead of a chore.
  • Ladies will rock their tank tops come summer
    it's easy to hide the effects of hibernation under a cozy sweater. But summer is around, with look-at-me strapless tops on the horizon. You want to be ready for that but also you want to make sure to rock those dressy sleeveless outfits all year round. Strengthen and tone your arms and…job done!
  • They're Easy to Show Off
    We love flat abs and toned legs but…who is going to notice them unless you are at the beach. Sculpted arms are the easiest way to flaunt your fitness, whether you're at the office, a bar or at home and whether you are a strong guy or a girl.

Enough reasons to convince you to exercise your arms? Then follow this new video with Remy showing how to exercise your upper limbs and body on the bellicon.

All the exercises shown can be done with the bellicon weight balls – soon to be available also for sale on the bellicon website, but you can get the same results with regular weights, or a couple of soup cans ;-).

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