When Change Happens And Manifests Primarily In the Ones who Never quit, you have a real CHAMPION!


Meet Arnita Champion, our new bellicon video trainer!
A former World-Class hurdler, Arnita knows that life also has its obstacles and barriers that must be cleared: and what better way to do so rebounding on a bellicon!

Arnita is a Certified Personal Trainer, NCCPT (National Council of Certified Personal Trainers) who puts the “P” in Personal Training! Her unique personal fitness programs empower and motivate individuals to tap into the “Champion” within them. Her dynamic BOOT CAMPSBELLICON REBOUNDING WORKOUTS and ­C-BANDZ FITNESS PROGRAMS focus on five components of optimal health; Flexibility, Nutrition, Strength Training, Weight Management and Cardio.

Meet Arnita in a series of bellicon video training specifically designed by her to help our rebounders enjoy bouncing on the bellicon mini-trampoline, achieve a healthier lifestyle and be rewarded with an exciting experience!

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