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REBOUND WITH DEB – one of the many bellicon ACADEMY successes!
bellicon Training 16.06.2016
Last month we launched our bellicon ACADEMY program. The bellicon ACADEMY offers a variety of training options to teach anyone interested in educating others and sharing the joys and benefits of the bellicon exercise regime.
bellicon Bounce, another “fun-tastic” class offered by bellicon Academy
Are you looking for a high-energy, full-body, calorie-burning, muscle-toning workout which is as much fun as it is intense? Then you have to try the bellicon Bounce class. bellicon Bounce is a new training concept incorporating a combination of endurance and power sets in varying degrees.
Introducing the bellicon Move class
bellicon Move is one of the flagship rebounding classes created by the bellicon Academy. It is a comprehensive, restorative, low-impact, total body exercise, perfect for people of any age and fitness level.