The round bellicon comes in 3 different sizes

We know that your available space for the bellicon might be limited. That's why the bellicon is available in various sizes.

In general, the rule is: “The bigger, the better”. A larger mat allows more freedom of movement and provides a wider choice of exercises. Taller people or people who need more space for their training program or who feel slightly restricted, also benefit from a larger frame. If there is not much space available or you want to take your bellicon® outside with you, we recommend a smaller frame. But no matter which bellicon® you choose, you can always be sure: all sizes meet the same high bellicon® quality standard.

To get a sense of how the different sizes would fit you and your home space, simply mark out the frame size on the floor. That way, you’re sure of getting the bellicon® that’s best for you.

bellicon® with 100cm diameter

Frame diameter 39"
The smallest version is really compact with 27" jumping surface (white arrows). It fits in the smallest apartment and can accompany you anywhere.

bellicon® with 112cm diameter

Frame diameter 44"
The medium size of 32" jumping surface is our most popular format. It features a bigger jumping mat allowing for more freedom of movement.

bellicon® with 125cm diameter

Frame diameter 49"
The largest model provides a 37" jumping surface, almost twice as much area as the bellicon® 39". It brings the really big trampoline feeling!

Screw-in legs or foldable legs?

Plan on storing your bellicon between workouts? Go for the foldable option.

If at all possible, we recommend you give your bellicon® a permanent place at home – the more you see it, the more you’ll want to use it. For that option, the screw-in legs are perfect. In case you wish to stow your mini trampoline at any time, the screw-in legs can be removed or reattached in less than three minutes.

Of course, you may prefer an even easier option for storing your bellicon, or you may be planning to travel with it, which is why we also offer a folding-leg option. Our  folding legs are just as stable and reliable as our standard screw-in legs, but allow you to quickly and easily store your bellicon® in a closet or under a bed when it's not in use.  Models with folding legs also fit in our optional carrying case accessory, making it even easier to take your bellicon® with you.

Of course, both versions offer absolute safety during exercise.

Picture of screw-in and foldable legs

Video clip: mounting and unmounting of screw-in and foldable legs

Bungees, the heart of every bellicon®

The optimum elasticity for each user, in five different bungee strengths

Our bungees are specially designed
with custom-formulated synthetic 
latex to make them ultra-elastic. 

They're not just perfect for bouncing, they're also safe for people with latex allergies. 

Five bellicon® bungee strengths

A great deal of ingenuity and engineering has gone into producing the remarkable bellicon® bungee. Combined with the innovative mat design, our revolutionary bungee suspension system makes all the difference – one that you can see, feel and even hear.

Looking at the bellicon®, one obvious differences from spring rebounders is the height of the frame. The bellicon frame is almost twice as high as the frame of a spring rebounder because the bounce is so much deeper…much more like bouncing on an full-sized trampoline. It’s this deeper, much more effective bounce that gives your muscles such an extraordinary workout while being extra gentle on your joints.

Read more about the right bungee strength choice here.

Express Yourself with Colors

Customize your bellicon to fit your personal style

Are you looking to coordinate your bellicon with your sofa? Your favorite football jersey? Or is there a color combination that says to you: “Let’s bounce”? With five different mat colors, two different finishes on our frames and ten different bungee color options, you’ve got 100 color combinations to choose from.

A picture of 50 different colourful bellicon® trampolines
Elder woman on a bellicon® with handle grips

Accessorize your bellicon®

If balance is an issue for you, we recommend our specially designed hand support bars. They are extremely sturdy and can be attached or removed in just a few minutes without the use of tools.

If you plan on having children use your bellicon, we suggest purchasing one of our frame cushions for added safety. Other accessories include carrying cases for easily transporting your bellicon and a variety of workout DVDs that will get you bouncing.

Here you can find an overview of our useful accessories.

Jump up to a new level of fitness. Order your bellicon® today!