Which accessories are right for me?

In true bellicon style, your personalized mini trampoline can be made even more uniquely yours with a host of accessories. Make your bellicon® work for you with a handy carrier bag for when you’re on the go, support bars for added safety, or maybe a new workout DVD to take it to the next level.  It's up to you!

Abbildung einer bellicon® Komfortmatte




The comfort mat has been engineered with an all-new, innovative design that gives users more space, and an even better bouncing experience. The soft, padded edge of the mat makes exercising on the bellicon® more comfortable than ever.  And to boot, the added padding ensures that the edge of the mat lays flat, and looks great wherever your bellicon lives in your home.

Every comfort mat carries the Made in Germany distinction and ensures the usual bellicon quality. There is also no change in the number of bungees. But don't make yourself too comfortable: Even if the comfort mat sounds like pure relaxation, the larger jumping space offers a larger selection of exercises, so you can take your workout to the next level! 

Support bars

If you’re nervous about finding and keeping your feet on a bellicon®, steady does it with our sturdy support bars. They help to improve balance and are especially useful for our older users and those just starting out with rebounding. Available in three different sizes, choose the support bars that match the frame size of your bellicon, either 39", 44" or 49".

If you plan to order support bars with your bellicon, it’s best to select screw-in legs rather than folding legs when choosing your model. This is because support bars are attached to the legs of the bellicon, making it neccesary to remove them every time the legs are folded, cancelling out the quick-storage benefit of having them.

CarrY bags

With our handy carrier bag, your bellicon® need no longer be housebound and can go wherever you go. Ever bounced out in nature? You have to try it – it’s literally a breath of fresh air for your workout regime.

You’re well on your way to stylish travel thanks to six strong inside pockets for storing screw-in legs and a zip. What’s more, the shoulder strap and carry handle make light work of toting your trampoline.

A picture of the bellicon® travel bag available in black and two sizes

Jump up to a new level of fitness. Order your bellicon® today!