A giant leap in rebounder technology

Only bellicon offers you the ideal bounce. That’s because our custom-formulated bungees are designed to perfectly balance resistance with elasticity, giving you the most effective, most enjoyable performance of any exercise trampoline. Our bungees come in a variety of resistance levels to fit any body weight and training objective. (Use the chart below to find the bungee strength that’s right for you.)

Rebounders with metal springs or knock-off bungees don't even come close to offering the bounce performance of the bellicon. And only bellicon offers five different bungees strengths, guaranteeing a bounce that's perfect for you…one that’s smooth, energizing and gets you fit from head to toe. Our bungees are easy to take off and put back on, making it easy to swap resistance levels as your weight and workout style evolves.


Prefer the elegant look of silver bungees? Or does orange put you in a jumping mood? We have eight vibrant colors for you to choose from, and all of them come in any of our five resistance strengths. So your bellicon will be customized to suit your style as well as your fitness goals.

Pictures of the bellicon bungee colours orange, neon green, pink, blue, black, silver and beige


With this table you can easily determine your ideal bungee strength in a few moments


This table will help you quickly determine your ideal bungee strength. To learn more about choosing your bungee strength, see "Which bungee strength is right for me?" below.


  • All workouts and exercises can be performed using any bungee strength.
  • In general, softer bungees provide more challenging workouts than firmer bungees. With fast-paced, instense workouts, sometimes a stronger bungee is necessary to keep up.  We like to say, "the stronger the bungee, the more work it's doing than your muscles are!"
  • The strength of a bungee doesn't affect how long it lasts, which is typically 1-2 years with normal, daily use.

DON’T WORRY: If, after receiving your bellicon, you think that you’d prefer a softer or stronger bungee strength, we’ll be glad to exchange them...just call us within the first 10 days after receiving your bellicon. Replacing your bungees is easy to do - no tools are required. This video shows you how: http://bit.ly/2lcx1eI.

There is more detailed information about issues that may affect your bungee strength choice (like workout intensity, health concerns, etc.) further down this page.

WHICH bungee strength is right for me?


OPTIMAL STRENGTH: For most people, we recommend choosing the “Optimal Strength” bungee for your weight. This will give you an ideal “not too soft, not too firm” resistance level and provide you with the best combination of benefits and applications.

A Softer Bounce is suggested for: 

  • People who primarily wish to do “Health Bouncing,” which is a less intensive, very low-stress, health and fitness boosting form of workout. [See more on "Health Bouncing" below.] When doing gentler exercises, like “Health Bouncing,” softer bungee strengths don’t make workouts more challenging, as they do with standard or faster-paced workouts.
  • People looking for a more effective, more physically challenging workout, because high-energy exercises performed on softer bungees increases muscular and cardio engagement due to the deeper bounce.
  • People with physical or health concerns that require extremely low-impact exercise, such as chronic knee issues, long-term back problems, etc.

A Firmer Bounce is suggested for:

  • People who plan on primarily doing fast-paced exercises (jogging, fast aerobics, etc.) which are easier to perform with a firmer, shallower bounce.
  • People whose primary goal is to fight osteopenia or osteoporosis. [See more on this below]
  • People who have balance issues and require a more stable surface. [See more on this below]
  • People with chronic foot pronation. [See more on this below]


“I weigh 130 lbs and my husband weighs 180 lbs. Which bungee strength should we choose?”

We get this question a lot. If you find yourself in this situation, we have several recommendations, each depending on the weight differences of the intended users:

  • If the chart shows all of the intended users can all use the same bungee strength…that’s fantastic! No adjustment necessary! (Example: 100 lbs + 130 lbs = Choose Medium)
  • If the difference is one bungee strength category, choose a bungee strength that accommodates the heaviest person: the lighter people can still get great benefits from a bungee strength that is firmer than usual, but you don’t want anyone touching the floor while they bounce. (Example: Medium (130lbs) + Strong (180 lbs)  = Choose Strong)
  • If the difference is two strength categories, choosing the strength in the middle is the best compromise. But be sure that the heaviest person doesn’t jump so high that they touch the floor. (Example: Soft (100lbs) + Extra Strong (220lbs) = Choose Strong)
  • If the difference is three or more strength categories, we don’t recommend sharing the bellicon. There would be no way to offer each person an optimal workout experience.
Mutter und Tocher auf dem bellicon

Which EXERCISE INTENSITY is right for me?

The softer the bungee strength, the deeper you travel into the mat and the longer the deceleration period. This puts less strain on your joints, back and vertebrae and engages your muscles for a longer period of time. This is why we tend to recommend a bungee strength that’s softer, so that you can take advantage of these benefits and get the most efficient, most engaging and most beneficial workout possible.

With stronger bungees, the deceleration phase is shorter and you tend to bounce higher above the mat. Though this increases the pressure on joints and reduces some of the sustained muscular engagement, it allows for faster-paced workouts. But do keep in mind that every exercise for the bellicon can be performed with any bungee strength. The following are brief descriptions of three common levels of exercise intensity.



Gentle Health-Bouncing

“Health Bouncing” is when you jump so that your feet never leave the mat, but press deeply into it, taking advantage of the bellicon's elasticity. It's a great way to gently exercise your whole body and boost your health with the least amount of stress, so almost anyone can enjoy it. It's a great way for beginners to become more comfortable with rebounding, or for more experienced users to warm up or cool down. It can even be performed by people with physical issues that make vigorous exercise difficult or painful.

If you prefer this type of workout intensity, please choose a bungee strength from the “Softer Bounce” column in the table above. 



General, All-Around Exercise

This category  represents the the most common type of full-body workout on the bellicon, one that includes a wide variety of routines and movements and may include both slower and faster-paced exercises. The majority of bellicon workouts performed in studios and demonstrated in our online videos would fit into this category. 

For general, all-around exercise we recommend choosing your bungee strength from the “Optimal Strength” column in the chart above.



Jogging or Power Training

Though the deep bounce of softer bungees provides a more challenging workout, stronger bungees allow for a shallower, faster bounce which is preferred by people who enjoy jogging or faster-paced workouts. (Jogging on a trampoline offers significantly more physical engagement, with less stress, than running on solid ground and burns fat 50% faster.) “Power Training” or “SwissBounce” is for those who wish to push their cardiovascular system to its limits with the pace of their exercise and should only be chosen by experienced athletes and healthy people in good physical shape.

If you prefer this type of workout intensity, please select your bungee strength from the “Firmer Bounce” column in the table above. 


Other factors to consider in your bungee selection

Some people have physical issues that may affect their choice of bungee strength…aside from their weight and preferred exercise intensity. Below is a list of conditions and our recommendations on how these issues should influence your bungee choice.

When are softer bungees right for me?


Gentler Workouts, Back Issues, Joint Problems or Rehabilitation

Rebounding on the bellicon is an excellent choice for people who prefer a gentle, low-impact workout, for those with certain types of health issues, or for those returning to exercise after a period of inactivity or recuperation. For all of the above, we recommend "Health Bouncing," which is a milder form of exercise on the bellicon in which their feet never leave the mat. This easy, very low-impact approach simulates muscles, cardio and body functions but does so in a way that is gentle enough to be performed by those who may not be able to do other forms of workouts.

If you are primarily interested in “Health Bouncing," we recommend choosing your bungee strength from the "Softer Bounce" column in the chart above. If you have issues with your back, knees, joints, or any condition where the least amount of impact is needed, we suggest that you choose a bungee strength at least one full step softer than the "Optimal Strength" listed for your weight.

If you have serious or chronic health issues, you should always get the advice of your doctor or healthcare provider regarding the kind of exercise that is best for you. 

When are firmer bungees right for me?




Rebounding excels at building and maintaining bone density, and is considered by many to be the best exercise for people with osteopenia or osteoporosis.

The bottom line is that the force of gravity is what keeps bones strong, and bouncing produces gravitational forces two to three times more than normal, increasing the weight-bearing force on bones and infusing them with calcium. A clinical study in Germany found that 12-weeks of training with the bellicon can largely stop the progression of osteoporosis. 

People with osteopenia or osteoporosis will benefit from any bungee strength, but if bone density is your primary concern, you should choose a strength from the "Firmer Bounce" column in the chart above. The added resistance will increase the weight-bearing force on the bones, encouraging them to rebuild, while the smooth performance of the bellicon bungees will take the pressure off of your joints.



Balance Issues


Most people adapt to the elastic surface and springing motion of rebounding almost immediately, but for people who have difficulty with their balance, we suggest getting bungees from the "Firmer Bounce" column in the chart above, which will increase the stability of the mat surface. 

For those whose balance issues require additional safety and security, we recommend choosing the Bellicon Plus with the T-Bar for stability.   Or if you prefer, we also offer Side Support Bars which can be attached to Classic and Premium Models. Both options made of the same high-quality steel used in our frames, so you can be sure of their strength.

To learn more about our Hand Support Bars, visit this page:  “Which accessories are right for me?”.

FOOT pronation: should I choose my bungees from the "firmer bounce" column?


Picture explaining foot dysfunctions

Chronic Foot Pronation

There are two main types of foot pronation problems: over-pronation (feet bending inward), and under-pronation or “supination,” (feet bending outward.) Of these, under-pronation is not an issue while rebounding. Both occur while walking and standing, but they tend to be more pronounced while running and exercising. 

Many people have mild foot pronation, which shouldn’t affect your rebounding experience. Actually, one of the benefits of the bellicon is how it strengthens the muscles of the feet and ankles, especially when you bounce in bare feet or socks. However, for people with severe over-pronation, whose feet already bend inwardly, the added curvature may put more stress on the inner part of the foot than desired, leading to discomfort.

If you have over-pronation to a degree that you’ve received treatment or required corrective footwear, then we suggest a "Firmer Bounce" strength to reduce the amount of mat curvature. You may also choose to wear athletic shoes while rebounding to distribute the pressure more evenly over the sole of the foot.

Warranty on the bungees

All of bellicon’s bungees are guaranteed for 1 year. Please contact us at support@bellicon-usa.com if your bungees seem to be wearing out during this period.

Our bungees have been designed to give you the best possible performance, however, just like running shoes and other kinds of latex-based exercise equipment, they will ultimately wear down and need to be replaced. With daily use, your bungees will continue to give you exceptional performance for approximately 1-2 years.

For more information regarding bellicon's warranty, click here.

Care instructions

Our bellicon® bungees are also subject to particularly high wear forces due to their great elasticity. A material that is constantly stretched up to 250% of its original length must be able to withstand a lot of friction. Because of this, we've used only the highest quality materials for our bungees, both inside and out. Nevertheless, like all latex-based exercise products (running shoes, bike tires, etc.) they will eventually wear out.

A set of bungees should continue to perform extremely well for 1-2 years of normal, daily use. (They are also under warranty, so if they begin to fail within 1 year, we will replace them free of charge.) However, if you notice signs of wear after the warranty period, we suggest that you replace your bungees to improve the safety and performance of your bellicon. Signs of wear may include seeing a uniform fraying of the bungees' fabric covering or a bounce that has become much too deep so that your feet begin to touch the floor.

One way to prolong the life of your bungees is to turn each one slightly, rotating it a little through the mat hook. This changes the bungee's point of contact with the frame, which is the main point of friction. Doing this every couple of months will help to keep your bungees strong.

Don't leave your bellicon outside in the sun or in the rain, as this will shorten the life of your bungees. At  temperatures below 50 degrees Fahrenheit, the elasticity of the bungees decreases significantly and the wear increases.

To clean your bungees, wipe them with a damp cloth containing no detergents or chemicals. For cleaning your mat, we recommend just a a splash of water with a hint of tea-tree oil.  This mixture works wonders and will naturally disinfect  while improving the appearance of your bellicon.

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