A Day in the Life: bellicon Rebounding

Many people think one has to be an experienced athlete or trainer to participate in a bellicon rebounding course. The fact is, we welcome all into our courses! The course is an opportunity for anyone to learn more about how to use your bellicon, how to rebound with soft bungees, benefits of rebounding, and how to design a well-rounded workout for either yourself or maybe for others. Most importantly we aim to share with you our love of rebounding, our love of the bellicon, and and hopefully inspire you to share this newfound knowledge with others to create a community of happy, healthy, fit individuals.

Hear what our bellicon course participants have to say:

“The bellicon Rebounding Course is, I think, the best way to go to have very happy and very healthy clients! It provides ALL the information needed to become a SUCCESSFUL trainer on the amazing bellicon mini trampoline. 

I really enjoyed my time at the course. The presentation and exercises kept me interested and excited! 

After completing the bellicon Rebounding Course I realized I had only touched the tip of the iceberg since there is an ongoing online learning and networking bellicon platform that keep teachers informed on all the new juicy stuff, educational videos, health and wellness tips, workouts and more !

I feel blessed and I am grateful to be learning day after day, amazing ways to bring more health and prosperity into the world through bellicon Rebounding Course.

— Anne Marie Lavoie

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