Bouncing is the Most Effective Way to Detox your Lymph Nodes, Plus it's fun too!

Each human being has an incredible army force made up of up to 900 lymph nodes. Age, constitution and use define the exact number. Lymph nodes are organs of the Lymphatic system, which recognize and fight pathogens, foreign cells as well as malignant degenerated cells. They are a strong battalion of our immune system and use the lymph, a watery body fluid, to propel clean oxygen in our cells and to cleanse them by carrying out the waste.

When we bounce on the bellicon® we use gravity to stimulate the lymph to flow. At the highest point of the bounce our muscles are fully lengthened and relaxed allowing for the cells to open up and get as much oxygen as possible. When jumping into the surface of the bellicon®, the same muscles contract and force cells to expel toxins.

Add the fun of rebounding and both your body and mind will detox, while your spirit becomes restored.

Come bounce with us at our bellicon Studio. Book classes here:

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