Online BELLICON® workouts - two choices

As a bellicon® owner, you have multiple options for your online workout videos! First, you are entitled to a 30 day FREE membership to an amazing online platform designed specifically for bellicon® users called bellicon Home. It not only features hundreds bellicon® workout videos, it's also an all-in-one virtual trainer that will customize a fitness plan just for you, track your progress and guide you, jump-by-jump, to the best shape of your life. 

Looking for a daily dose of bellicon workouts? Introducing bellicon Live - the world's first (and only!) daily, live-streaming rebounding workout platform. Featuring dynamic bellicon training experts, our meticulously crafted rebounding workout routines condition the entire body by converting gravity into a cardio-boosting, muscle-toning, fat-burning workout that improves balance, strengthens bones and increases flexibility without straining muscles or joints. It’s the perfect, all-in-one solution for getting in shape and staying there.


  bellicon Home bellicon Live
New Videos Weekly Daily
Live or On-Demand On-Demand Live & On-Demand
Free Trial 30 Days (free with bellicon purchase) 7 Days
Pricing $9.90/mo, $89/yr $19.99/mo, $190/yr
Android NO YES
Android TV NO YES
Amazon Fire NO Coming soon


bellicon live - bring HOME the boutique studio experience

With bellicon Live, there's no need to leave home to get the ultimate fitness studio experience! Join our world-class expert trainers with daily live-streaming, real-time workouts. Missed a class? Don't worry - all live workouts can be enjoyed on-demand later! From beginner workouts to challenging, advanced routines, there's something for everyone, 365 days a year. Try it today!

bellicon home: Customized for you

The information you enter on your Profile Page will enable you to track your progress and also help bellicon Home to customize a workout plan that’s just right for you. 

The bellicon Home workout plans provide your daily dose of head-to-toe, cardiovascular, muscle-toning exercise, but we’ve also created plans to help youachieve specific fitness and health goals.

Your personalized dashboard does more than track your progress. It inspires it. bellicon Home will get you where you want to be. 

We’ll help you to set your goals, plan your workouts and provide you with a step-by-step journey to complete fitness and health.

Feedback from bellicon® home users

“This stretching routine was sooooo good. I am excited about all of the videos in bellicon Home. I am pretty sure that my bellicon® will not end up stored away in a closet with all of these very instructive videos to choose from. Thank you!” (Phyllis)

“I love my bellicon® and I love all of these workouts! I love to bounce to high energy music! Keep it coming! Thank you for bellicon Home!!!!!!” (Christina from Florida)

“I am really enjoying this series! I love the style, and the length. Fayth does a great job coaching!! Please keep videos like these coming.” (Kristin)

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