Laura 03.04.2015

I am still early in my rebounding career. ;) I've had it for just about a month now. I love it. I can feel myself getting stronger.

This is an activity that is more play to me than work, so I can tell it will be easy to continue for years to come. My son loves bouncing on our bellicon as well. I'm glad he gets the extra exercise. I recommend the bellicon rebounder for anyone looking for quality, excellent customer service and for a rebounder that will last a long time. Now, I'm sounding like a commercial....

What surprises me most is that my left knee, which is sore periodically, feels better when I am bouncing. And the bouncing on this rebounder does not aggravate it. It continues feeling better after bouncing.

The only downside I can see is the price tag. However, I consider it well worth it. I love the fact that bellicon will work with you if at all possible in terms of payments. Makes getting their rebounder easier.


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