The bellicon.

More than just a Trampoline.

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The ultimate fitness solution for an active, healthy lifestyle.

Stress relief, strength building, cardio and much more.

Holistic training - customized to you and your life.

Endless variety.

35.200 configuration options.

Uncompromising quality – Made in the Black Forest.

Trampolines re-imagined.

The only thing moving. Is you.

0 kg weight capacity

Extra stability.

Easy to assemble and stable in place. The 30 cm high screw-on legs with rubber caps provide you with maximum stability during your workout.

Versatile and convenient.

Easy to set up. Easy to stow. Easy to love. Our handy fold-up legs make it a breeze to transport your bellicon or to put away between uses. Only 8 cm high when folded.

Your choice.


Stainless steel frame


Steel frame




The heart of the bellicon rebounder.


Thanks to our own specially developed polymer molecules, our patented synthetic bungees stretch to up to three times their normal length.

A choice of five bungee strengths guarantees you the perfect equipment for your needs.

Get moving easily.

Easy on the joints

Our bungees ensure that upward movements last just as long as downward movements. This creates a harmonious vibration. Impact movements, such as those that occur while jogging or on trampolines with metal springs, are offset smoothly.

Your back and joints are protected so that your workout can be as effective as possible.


bungee colors


mat colors

Your creativity knows no bounds.

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The bellicon

Start getting fit with the bellicon rebounder.

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