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It was well worth the cost.
JPG 30.12.2015

In the past we had gotten trampolines for our son and they all broke - the legs would break off or the connections to the springs would break. After several disappointing results we decide to spend serious money and get what has been described as the best, for indoor use.

It is everything we could have hoped for - wonderful to look at (it is in our living room - our son likes to use it while watching television or not). He is 11 years old and though tall and slender we were advised to get the Strong bungee cord because the customer service agent stated that children tend to bounce harder. He was so right. I am so glad we went with your product. We are completely happy. Thank you

Yes, it works
Truther 10.12.2015

Simply put: it's everything you've seen the positive reviews say. It's SO much smoother than a steel-spring unit. It's SO easy to use it for long periods of time due to the gentleness of the bungee-springs. It clearly is helping me with lymphatic stagnation health problems. The price is a bit of an issue, but yes it is a great mini-trampoline, the Rolls Royce of a so-called rebounder.

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Fun for the kids
Melissa 28.04.2015

The trampoline itself seems to be great now that it is in working order, but I was very disappointed that the mat came to me broken in the first place.

Customer service was friendly and shipped a new mat quickly, but I think for the cost I should have been refunded some of my money--shipping at least.

The bungees were very difficult to replace (I had the x-strong) but may not be so bad for the lighter bungees. It seems to be a good purchase, just disappointed that it came to me broken right out of the box and that I had to pay full price anyways.

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Well worth it!
Shelakio 23.02.2015

 I have been using the bellicon classic 44" for a month now 30 min. every day and I just have to say it has been the best exercise I've done my whole life!

I thought that bouncers were just for ladies but this is false. I had some issues with my knees due to running and needed another way to exercise. We purchased a small spring type bouncer for our daughter I ended up using it. After 3 weeks of use and due to my 210 lbs one of the springs broke. That's when we decided to get a really good bouncer and we don't regret doing so!

I highly recommend the bungee style due to the smooth bounce and it doesn't hurt my feet or back like the spring type would! Already lost 5 lbs and possibly more!

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