Blessed to have a Bellicon!

FitMom 27.02.2015

I am so impressed with the Bellicon rebounder and the customer service I have received. I spent a lot of time online investigating rebounders and discovered the Bellicon. It caught my attention immediately and the reviews that I saw were great.

I am a very particular person and search for perfection. Once I decided to get a Bellicon, then the real decision making started. I finally decided on the 49 inch Classic because it was already a big investment for me. If I had even more money to spend, I would have chose the Premium.

Next, the legs. I may have to move it a lot around the house in the coming years so I decided on the Fold-up legs. I have to admit I'm still torn on this decision. I really wanted it to feel completely stable while bouncing, but because of the nature of the folding legs, there is some "wiggle" while doing fast paced, lateral and forward/backward movement. Also, it creates a teeny tiny bit of noise. So....I'm still not sure if I should have got the screw in legs instead to have a perfectly steady/100% quiet Bellicon. I also will probably have to move at some point, and I hope the folding legs don't get damaged. I decided to keep the folding legs, as I don't know if the screw in legs would make a big difference and how they would fare if removed and put back on several times. I wish there was a store near me to try them in person, but there is not.

The choice of color was an added bonus! I decided on the Green/Black mat with Pink Extra Strong bungees. I am 5'10'' and weigh about 150lbs. The 49" Bellicon is great and the bungees give a great bounce and are also strong enough for my husband to use. I LOVE how it looks! It definitely makes me want to jump each day!! :)

Initially, I changed my order twice...I was second guessing my choices a lot. The customer service was understanding and made this possible with no issues. Then I received my Bellicon and there was a small paint flaw. I notified customer service immediately and they sent me a replacement which was much better. I will pay more for a product that comes with great customer service!!

Overall, I feel so blessed to have a Bellicon. I'm able to exercise while my son naps, and it's so FUN! As a previous full marathoner and high impact exerciser, the Bellicon feels so good on my knees. There are so many benefits to rebounding and my body is already thanking me. Weight loss has been steady and I feel great! In addition, the Bellicon YouTube videos are a wonderful resource for workouts and information!

Keep up the great work, Bellicon!! It's time to bounce... : )

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